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KIN*MIA is proud to announce our two newest styles: The Lucky Neko and Cheval Odokuro t-shirts. The Lucky Neko t-shirt comes in your choice of heather grey, white, or black, while the Cheval Odokuro comes in red, black, or white. All t-shirts are made from super-soft and lightweight 100% ring-spun cotton, except for the heather grey which is a (still very soft) poly-cotton blend.

The Lucky Neko t-shirt features our Neko-Maneki logo, symbolizing longevity and prosperity. Learn more about our Neko-Maneki symbol on the product page. You can see all three new Lucky Neko tees here.

The Cheval Odokuro t-shirt features our cheval silhouette with the print from Utagawa Kuniyoshi entitled, “Souma no furudairi” (相馬の古内裏 – Sōma, Inside and Out) depicting Princess Takiyasha and her Odokuro. Princess Takiyasha was not only the daughter of the first samurai, Taira no Masakado, but she was also a powerful sorceress who could conjure magical spectres such as the Odokuro (or Gashadokuro) — a giant skeleton 15 times times larger than any man. Learn more about the Odokuro and Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s “Souma no furudairi” on the product page. You can see all three new Cheval Odokuro tees here.