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KIN*MIA is proud to announce the final two styles of our season’s homage to Japan: The Ronin and Omiyage t-shirts. The Ronin Tee comes in your choice of white, heather grey, or red; while the Omiyage tee comes in white, heather grey, or black. All t-shirts are made from super-soft and lightweight 100% ring-spun cotton, except for the heather grey which is a (still very soft) poly-cotton blend.

The Ronin t-shirt features a Japanese ronin (masterless samurai) wielding a naginata — a weapon used extensively by samurai and ronin during the feudal period of Japan (from 1185 to 1868). You can see all three new Ronin Tees here.

The Omiyage Tee features our Sakura Logo on the left chest, while the back depicts the Rising Sun over Mount Fuji. A Torii and Cherry Blossoms can be seen in the foreground, with the Japanese symbol “Enso,” representing absolute enlightenment and strength, at the bottom. You can see all three new Omiyage Tees here.